Part of the MobileMuster promise is that we recycle all mobiles collected, rather than refurbish them for reuse. That's because our program was established by the industry in 1998 to provide an end of life solution to old, broken and unwanted mobiles and accessories, keeping them out of landfill. However, we do recognise that the resale of mobiles is a legitimate commercial activity, which can extend the life of phones or give people better access to communication.

Reuse Partners

MobileMuster is the recycling partner with many of the commercial reuse programs in Australia. We want to ensure that any mobiles and accessories which have no resale value are recycled in a safe, secure and ethical way. Our reuse partners include:


Many of the reuse programs collect old mobiles on behalf of charities and share the funds raised through the resale process. MobileMuster supports the charity partners by contributing $2 per kilo for any old mobiles and accessories that are unable to be resold.

 How to reuse your old mobiles?

If you'd like your mobile to be reused, there are a few ways you can go.

  1. Repair it. Most manufacturers have service centres who will be able to tell you if your mobile can be repaired.
  2. Pass it on. Maybe you have a family member of friend who needs a mobile. Ask around.
  3. Donate it for reuse by people in need. Certain charities in Australia provide secondhand mobiles to those who can't otherwise access them. Just be sure to check out the charity you choose to ensure they're genuine.
  4. Donate to charity. Many charities have partnered with mobile phone resellers to raise funds for their organisation. Most of these mobiles will be sold overseas into developing countries for reuse.
  5. Sell it. There are companies who offer cash in return for old mobiles. Most of these mobiles will be sold overseas into developing countries for reuse.
  6. Check out eBay. Visit eBay and see how much your phone may be worth. Thousands of new and pre-loved phones are sold at eBay each day so it’s a great place to list your phone for sale. 

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If you are looking at donating or selling your mobile remember to remove any data. If you are selling it ensure the data will be wiped before it is reused, plus enquire where your mobile will be reused and if overseas what will happen to it when it can no longer be used.