City of Ryde wins national e-waste recycling award

Posted June 17, 2014

City of Ryde was announced today as the national winner of MobileMuster’s Working with Schools Award in their 2014 Local Government Awards.

Presented in Canberra at the National General Assembly of Local Government, City of Ryde received their award for encouraging their community to recycle mobile phones and working with local schools to learn more about the importance of mobile phone recycling. In the past year the City of Ryde has increased their MobileMuster collections by 75 percent and contributed 86kg of mobile phones components for recycling.

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City of Ryde Mayor, Clr Roy Maggio, said, “We are honoured to be recognised by MobileMuster for encouraging local schools and residents to recycle their old and unused mobile phones.  This is a real win-win for all.”  

Rose Read, Recycling Manager, Mobile Muster, said, “We proudly recognise the exemplary work of City of Ryde in working with us to fulfil our charter of keeping old mobiles out of landfill. Without the support of City of Ryde and the 349 councils across Australia that work in partnership with our recycling program, MobileMuster wouldn't be the successful recycling program it is today.”

City of Ryde was awarded alongside four other councils in the awards ceremony within the following categories:

  1. Top Collector Overall: Brisbane City Council, QLD
  2. Top Collector Per Capita:  Hay Shire Council, NSW
  3. Best Promoter: City of Mitcham, SA
  4. National Excellence: City of Sydney, NSW

Ryde City Council Winners

MobileMuster’s local government awards commenced in 2007 to recognise the outstanding efforts of local councils in promoting and collecting mobile phone components for recycling. Through our council program MobileMuster provides collection boxes and wheelie bins and a range of community education materials. MobileMuster also supports councils recycling initiatives with community education programs, public relations and social media campaigns on the importance of mobile phone e-waste recycling.

For more information about how to recycle your old mobile phone, chargers and accessories go to

Image credits:

1. Dr Felicity-ann Lewis (President of Australian Local Government Association) and Roy Maggio (Mayor, City of Ryde)

2. Roy Newsome (Acting General Manager, City of Ryde), Rose Read (MobileMuster), Dr Felicity-ann Lewis (President of Australian Local Government Association) and Roy Maggio (Mayor, City of Ryde).