BLOG ARTICLE: Mobile phone hoarders come clean with the help of Peter Walsh

Posted May 25, 2016

Peter 1MobileMuster teamed up with the renowned home organisation guru Peter Walsh to raise awareness about mobile phone recycling and help Australians declutter their old mobile phones and accessories. Together they launched a competition to find Australia’s largest mobile phone hoarder. This coincided with the release of new data that revealed the number of old mobile phones stored in homes around Australian had, for the first time ever, surpassed the population and reached 25.5 million*.

MobileMuster received competition entries from all around the country with Australians telling their stories about why they need Peter Walsh’s help to declutter their home, in a bid to win a personal decluttering session with Peter Walsh himself and package from Storage King.  However there could only be one winner. Nicole and Paul from Randwick NSW were deemed Australia’s largest mobile phone hoarders and last week received their personal visit from Peter Walsh to help them declutter their home office.

Nicole and Paul are what you call techie clutters. They have held on to many of their old mobile phones, accessories even some of the boxes they were packaged in. When Nicole saw the competition being launched by Peter Walsh on the Living Room she immediately thought of the stash of old mobiles her husband has insisted on keeping for many years. She entered the competition after finding 21 old, unused mobiles in her home office.

Nicole and Paul’s home office was a gadget graveyard, with everything from an old walkman they used as teenagers to a broken tablet that had seen better days. Within an hour Peter had helped the couple to sort out what to keep, give away, recycle and remove from their home office. They filled a Storage King e-waste recycling box with old laptops, power cords, keyboards, hard drives and accessories so that it could be retuned to Storage King to be responsibly recycled.Declutter Fun Small

Speaking about the experience Nicole says, “It was a very informative and helpful day. I was aware that that you can recycle your old mobile phone, but until now was unsure of where and when it could be done.”

After just a few hours Nicole and Paul had not only organised and sorted through their home office clutter, they had a mountain of mobile phones and accessories ready to be recycled by MobileMuster. Nicole and Paul believe that out of all the mobiles they had been keeping only one was still working and most of the older models pre-smartphones didn’t even have their chargers, so could not be turned on.

Research undertaken by MobileMuster shows that Nicole and Paul are not alone when it comes to hoarding mobile phones that no longer work and MobileMuster estimates there are over four million stashed in Australian homes.

At the end of the session Paul promised Peter Walsh that he would continue to set aside time to organise his home office and old electronics on a regular basis. 

“De-cluttering your home is something that can be done every day.  Make a date with yourself. Put it in your diary and get rid of all that superfluous stuff today. Getting rid of your old mobile phones and accessories is the perfect place to start!”, advises Peter Walsh.

If you need help to declutter your old mobile phones and accessories why not read Peter Walsh’s helpful tips and watch his videos here. Good luck!

* Independent online survey conducted in January and February 2016 by IPSOS on behalf of AMTA of 1006 mobile phone users, aged 16 years or older randomly selected from all States across Australia.