BLOG ARTICLE: Recycle your old mobile for World Environment Day

Posted June 3, 2016

Australians are now hoarding 25.5 million old, broken and unused mobile phones, and with them tonnes of precious materials that the planet desperately needs us to recycle.  Our love affair with technology means we continue to hold onto or old devices when upgrading. World Environment Day is the ideal time to give some thought to responsibly disposing of old mobiles in a secure and environmentally sound way.


MobileMuster is urging people to help the environment by recycling their old handsets and accessories on World Environment Day, June 5. By recycling your unwanted and broken mobile phones not only will you be protecting the environment by keeping them out of landfill, you’ll be conserving our scare natural resources.

Simply recycling all the old mobiles in storage across Australia would be the equivalent to avoiding 33,856 tonnes of CO2 equivalent gas emissions, or the equivalent of planting 205,666 trees or taking 9,492 cars off the road.*   

Before you recycle your old mobiles phones take the time to remove any pictures or data that you would like to keep.  If you are unable to remove any data, MobileMuster ensures that it is destroyed through the recycling process. So it’s safe and secure.

Did you know…

  • Over 95% of the materials used in mobiles and accessories can be recovered.
  • Materials recovered  can be used to make everything from stainless steel to plastic pallets.
  • Mobiles not biodegradable, so they should never be thrown out. 
  • Recycling 50,000 handsets can remove the need to mine over 330 tonnes of precious metal ore. Pretty precious stuff.
  • For every tonne of mobile phone materials recovered 10 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are avoided.

For information about how to recycle your mobile, click here

*Based on recycling 25.5million mobile phones that MobileMuster estimates through independent market research.