Spring Clean Your Mobiles

Posted September 1, 2017

Spring is an opportunity to throw open the windows, pack away the winter clothes and declutter the cupboards. But what about spring cleaning your old mobile phones and electronic products? We have created a Spring Cleaning Checklist filled with great tips and ideas to help you get started.

1. How old is it?

When you buy a new mobile phone we tend to keep the old one in a drawer or cupboard thinking that it will be useful to have one handy as a backup. It reaches the stage where we are simply putting all of our old devices away in storage, despite the fact it will never be used or needed again.

Whilst newer products could be sold or passed on to family or friends if your old mobile has been stored away for a number of years the best you can hope for is to declutter and recycle them in a environmentally friendly way. MobileMuster has over 3,500 public drop-off points across Australia.

2. Does it work?

Any broken, damaged or old phones that are not repairable need to be properly recycled to ensure that they don't end up in the rubbish bin. MobileMuster estimates that we are holding onto five million broken and unusable mobiles, a figure that has increased by almost a million in the last year.  

With the closure of the 2G network in Australia any old 2G handset will no longer work and keeping one as a ‘back-up’ will become redundant. Telstra and Optus have already closed their 2G mobile network and Vodafone will be closing at the end of the month. If you are unsure how the closure of the 2G network affects you contact your mobile phone carrier. 

3. Don't let the data stop you

It is important that you manage the personal information you have stored on your mobile phone. Before you recycle, reuse or sell your old mobile phone it is a good idea to spend a few minutes managing your data.

  • Back up your data. Back up or transfer files and information you want to keep to a computer or online storage. Check to see if you can access your manufacturer’s software to complete the process.
  • Log out. You may be using a number of online accounts and social media. You will need to log out of these platforms through the administration and security settings.
  • Perform a Reset. A reset will erase all the data from your devices internal storage. Depending on what type of mobile phone you have, the instructions will vary. Have a look at your user guide or instructions on the manufactures website. 

If your mobile phone is broken and you are unable to remove your data don’t let that stop you from recycling. MobileMuster makes sure that any data left of your mobile phone will be destroyed during the recycling process so you can feel confident no one can access your information in the future. For more information read our data management tips

4. Other Electronic Products

When you are spring cleaning you will probably find other electronic products, tangled up with you mobile phone chargers, that need to be recycled. Check with your local council to see what is availabe in your local area or visit Planet Ark’s Recycling Near You website which lists recycling options across Australia.