Attitudes to managing your old mobile

MobileMuster undertakes annual market research to better understand how Australians use and recycle their old mobile phones. If you have an old mobile that is waiting to be recycled drop them off at your local mobile phone retailer or download a free mailing label

Who is generating the waste?

Australians are holding onto five million unusable mobiles, a figure that has increased by almost a million in the last year. And that's just the broken ones, there is over 23 million old mobiles lying around in Australian homes that could otherwise be recycled. 

Who is recycling?

Over three quarters (77%) of Australians are aware of mobile phone recycling and just under a third (31%) have ever recycled an old mobile phone. 


Who is reusing?

More people are reusing their mobiles than ever before. We estimate that 1 in 10 Australians sell or trade-in their old mobiles. 1 in 6 Australians give their old mobiles to family or friends. 

Don't let the data stop you

Our research shows that 3 in 10 mobile users are worried about the data stored on the mobile phone. If you are worried about your data have a look at our tips for managing data when you recycle, reuse or sell your old mobile phone. 

How to manage your mobile waste

Find all your old and broken mobiles in the home. We encourage consumers to recycle their mobile phone at their local mobile phone retailer. 


About the research

The Research Report: Consumer insights into mobile phone use and recycling (February 2017) was undertaken by IPSOS. It was based on a used sample size of 1001 people Australia-wide. Respondents were randomly selected from an online panel and were over the age of 16 with a mobile phone.