Digital Detox Decluttering Tips

Did you know that there are millions of mobile handsets lying idle in Australian homes? It is important to spend time organising your digital life. We have put together our Top 10 Digital Detox Tips to reduce your digital clutter.

  1. File management. Download and transfer old files and photographs from your mobile phone.  If your old mobiles are still working check if you have any old images and information that needs to be transferred.
  2. Unsubscribe. Spend a small amount of time unsubscribing from unwanted email lists to reduce the number of emails on your mobile phone. 
  3. Delete. Remove apps that you no longer use to make it easier to use your mobile.
  4. Organise. Set up a recharge station to organise your mobile accessories. You may find some old accessories that could be recycled.
  5. Switch off. Turn off push notifications coming through to your mobile, especially during the holidays when you don't need to be reminded of everything that is going on at work. 
  6. Reduce. Manage the number of emails coming through to your mobile phone. 
  7. Accessories. The cords from your unused electronics arequickly become a tangled mess in your drawers and under your desk. Ten minutes, a little effort, some nifty cleverness and you can tame these unruly cables once and for all; recycling what you don’t need.
  8. Sort. Locate all your old mobiles and accessories that you have stashed away in your home office, garage and desk drawers. Chances are, you’ll find old mobiles that are broken and irreparable as well as chargers and accessories that you no longer have a mobile device to support.
  9. Data Management. Before recycling manage the data on your old devices. You can be assured that when they recycle their old mobiles and accessories they will be processed safely, securely and ethically, nothing will be resold and any data left on the device will be destroyed during the process. For your peace of mind we have put together a useful guide on how to manage your data.  
  10. Recycle. Take back any old mobile phones and accessories that you no longer use to your local mobile phone retailer so they can be recycled by MobileMuster, or pick-up a free reply paid satchel from Australia Post outlets. 

Expert Advice - Peter's Top Decluttering Tips

MobileMuster have teamed up with the renowned home organisation guru Peter Walsh and developed some handy videos to help you declutter those old mobile phones and accessories.