World Environment Day 2017

This World Environment Day (5 June) MobileMuster is encouraging Australians to let go of their old, broken and unused mobile phones. As a nation we are holding onto 5 million unusable broken mobile phones in our homes and workplaces. And that's just the broken ones, there is over 23 million old mobiles lying around in Australian homes waiting to be recycled. 

The environmental benefits of recycling

  • By recycling your mobile, you're avoiding future greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy, protecting the environment and conserving scarce natural resources.
  • 98% of the materials in a mobile phone can be recovered. This includes precious metals, plastics and non-renewable recources.
  • Recycling 50,000 handsets can remove the need to mine 330 tonnes of precious metal ore. 

If you are a MobileMuster collection partner encourage your community to recycle and share our World Environment Day images on social media using #WorldEnvironmentDay. For more information visit the United Nations website.

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