Mobilemuster _web _06Phone Disposal Options

There are a number of phone disposal options that you can access to keep mobile phones out of landfill and contaminating the environment.

So what are your phone disposal options?

  1. Repair it. If the phone is no longer working you may be able to repair it so that it can be reused. Make sure you look for an experienced and authorised mobile phone repair centre recommended by your mobile phone manufacturer.
  2. Pass it on. If the phone is only a couple of years old you may be able to find a family member or friend who needs a mobile phone.
  3. Recycle your phone through MobileMuster. Any broken, damaged or old phones that are not repairable need to be properly recycled. MobileMuster also accepts your mobile phone battery which is sorted, then shipped to approved recyclers.
  4. Donate it for reuse by people in need. Certain charities in Australia provide second hand mobiles to those who can't otherwise access them. Just be sure to check out the charity you choose to ensure they're genuine.

When disposing of your mobile phone you might be concerned about the security or privacy issues relating to data held on your mobile phone. With MobileMuster, this isn't a problem. Part of our recycling process involves safely destroying any data left on phones, so you can feel confident no one can access your information in the future. That said, MobileMuster encourages you to remove data from your mobile and SIM card before dropping it off or posting it in, for even greater security.

You can dispose of your old mobile phone through a local MobileMuster collection site or mail in your old mobile phone for free.