Mobilemuster _web _07Phone Recycling Continues to Grow

Mobile Muster's latest Annual Report shows that phone recycling continues to grow in Australia. There is increased awareness of phone recycling and the collection rate of mobile phone components sent to MobileMuster recycling centres have increased. 

The increase in phone recycling has resulted in less mobile phones entering landfill which has decreased from 9% to 2% of mobile phone users in Australia.  Not only does phone recycling help the environment, but we can all benefit from recycling things around the home.

Recycling conserves resources as the materials found in mobile phones can be reused and converted into new products. The precious metals in an old mobile phone have a lot of value. Other valuable materials in a mobile phone include silver, platinum and copper which can all be extracted from the old phones and reused.

Phone recycling also saves energy as using recycled materials uses less energy than extracting raw materials. It protects the environment as it reduces the need to extract, refine and process raw materials. Lastly it reduces landfill which reduces the emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas.

There are over 3500 MobileMuster collection sites throughout Australia. Simply find a convenient drop-off point near you .

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