Before you recycle, sell or give away your mobile phone, you should remove your personal information. If your mobile phone is still working we encourage you to take the following steps.

  1. Back up your data. Back up or transfer files and information you want to keep to a computer or online storage. Check to see if you can access your manufacturer’s software to complete the process. 
  2. Log out. You may be using a number of online accounts and social media. You will need to log out of these platforms through the administration and security settings.
  3. Perform a Reset. A reset will erase all the data from your devices internal storage. Depending on what type of mobile phone you have, the instructions will vary. We recommend that you check the user guide or instructions on the manufactures website. Here are some useful links:
Alcatel    HTC    LG  Nokia   ZTE
Apple      Huawei  Microsoft Samsung    
Blackberry   Kyocera   Motorola  Sony  


  1. Remove the SIM card and memory card. Transfer any files that you have stored on the memory and SIM card. Once the data is removed they can be reused or recycled depending on your intentions. 


If your mobile phone is broken and you are unable to remove your data don’t let that stop you from recycling. MobileMuster ensures that any data left of your mobile phone will be destroyed during the recycling process so you can feel confident no one can access your information in the future.

Need help?

Talk to your local mobile phone carrier to see what data management services they offer in store. Please note that some of these services may include a service fee. Useful links:


While we make every effort to ensure that the material and information on this website is accurate and up-to-date when published, it is general information intended as a guide only. Please keep in mind that you are responsible to ensure that any personal information has been erased from your mobile device. If needed, seek advice relevant to your mobile phone from the manufacturers.