How do you recycle using a MobileMuster satchel?

You may of received a MobileMuster recycling satchel when you purchased a new mobile phone or picked one up from AusPost. Follow these five easy steps to recycle.

  1. Remove any data that may want to keep from the mobiles before you recycle. Read our data management tips.
  2. Fill your satchel with all your old mobiles, their chargers and accessories.
  3. Seal the satchel and complete the details on the back.
  4. Post at your nearest AusPost red box or take them to your local mobile phone retail store and place the satchel in the MobileMuster collection unit. 
  5. Once we receive the satchel we will recycle all of the components in a secure and safe process to the highest environmental standards. Nothing will be resold and all the data will be destroyed. 

If you have additional mobile phones that need to be recycled take them to your local mobile phone retail store or pick up additional satchels from your local AusPost store. To find you nearest drop off point, click here.