For the safe Packing and Transporting of Mobile Phone Components


Step 1: Transfer the components from your MobileMuster collection unit into a sturdy box ensuring it is taped up securely so nothing can fall out during transporting.

Step 2: Keep batteries in the mobiles wherever possible. Loose batteries must be stacked top to tail and rubber banded together to avoid their terminals from touching.  Then they should be placed into a plastic bag before being put into the sturdy box.

Note: Punctured or leaking batteries cannot be transported and therefore must be individually wrapped in plastic and disposed in your general waste bin.

Step 3: Ensure each box that is packed weighs no more than 15kgs.


Step 1: Once your components are packed, registered sites can book a free MobileMuster pickup by calling 1800 249 113 or booking online

Step 2: You will be provided with a Case ID and emailed a Senders Shipping Notification (SSN) once your booking is confirmed (that includes a “Lithium Ion Caution Notice”). Please print and securely stick onto each box that is being collected.

Security Note

  • Couriers will only pick up the number of boxes specified in the pickup request.
  • Your collection can only be picked up by a courier who has the correct Case ID written on a consignment note.
  • Contact the police and MobileMuster immediately if any person without this Case ID attempts to remove your collection or collection unit.

 For more instructions download our detailed guidelines.